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The Doc and Amy Show is on a brief Summer hiatus- enjoy previous broadcasts on our 'Listen' Page, and check back for possible streaming/podcasts of brand-new shows in the near future!
Welcome to Doc and Amy's House!!

We are proud to be broadcasting on WNJC 1360- Philadelphia's Renaissance Radio Station!
Catch us every SUNDAY from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. EST
Bringing you that 'morning show feel' in the afternoon...
(Catch the live screaming audio signal - )

We will be continuously offering live comedy, wacky news, plenty 'o' guests, showcasing original work of music and comedy talent and inviting YOU to call in and join the fun.

(Become a part of the growing Doc and Amy Family! Along with our listeners in the Philly/South Jersey/Wilmington areas, we have gained followers in Canada,  Australia, Taiwan, Bangalore, The Philippines, Nicaragua, Turkey, Dubai, Germany, The U.K., Venezuela, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Borneo, South Africa, Switzerland, Kuala Lumpur, France, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington, Vermont, North Dakota, Oklahoma,  Rhode Island, Tennessee,  Washington D.C., Texas, California, Florida,  Massachusetts, Kansas, Indiana, Louisiana,  Missouri, New York, Arizona, the Carolinas and far!!)

Don't Forget to Stream Us LIVE! WNJC!
Sundays at 5PM (-5UTC)

Doc is a veteran of radio, television, film and comedy  Amy  is the brains of outfit, possessing a degree in  
club stages throughout the country. He is an author, International Finance (whatever that is) and has
musician and founder of HornDog Productions and previously hosted a radio hour with Doc- before
has entertained club audiences and clients ranging briefly pursuing life as a Tibetan Monk. Amy is
from the corporate gathering to the political fundraiser. gorgeous, funny as all get-out and witty as they
...he is also the real-life half of 'Doc and Amy; sweethearts come.
of the airwaves who agree to disagree...sometimes...' (...there; I wrote it...happy now?!)

Twitter us: @docandamyshow

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WNJC Radio has been broadcasting since 1935, was the original voice of the Flyers and the first station to put Bon Jovi on the air!
We broadcast to an area where
over six million people work and reside.

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